A Message from Jim Shea

portraitMaryland and our country are under daily attack by Donald Trump - a man who cares only about himself and who is hostile to our American way of life. Meanwhile, our governor sits silently, watching from the sidelines, even as the progress we have made in Maryland is threatened on a daily basis.

That is why I am laying the groundwork to run for governor next year. There is simply too much at stake for us to sit on the sidelines.

I have been lucky enough to build a successful business and raise a wonderful family here in Maryland, while also working to improve public education in the state and provide more opportunities in distressed neighborhoods in Baltimore City. But "much is required of those to whom much has been given” and these uncertain days have reminded me, and many Americans, that we must do more to protect the great gifts this country has given us.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you for your consideration.

A Fighting Voice for Maryland